We bring Sri Lanka
one step towards


We invest heavily into bringing local players to the recycling practice. By involving
country-wide organizations in our efforts, we ensure that sustainability receives plenty
of attention and backing to support the eco effort even at the lowest levels.



Eco-Spindles (Pvt.) Ltd commenced phase 2 of its expansion strategy to add 20,000 sq.ft of production space at its state-of-the-art facility in Horana. Already one of only two such facilities in the entire world, once completed, the expanded facility will double polyester yarn production capacity at Eco-Spindles.

The foundation stone was laid by Secretary to the Ministry of Environment Dr. Anil Jasinghe together with Central Environmental Authority Director General P.B. Hemantha Jayasinghe, Board of Investment of Sri Lanka Horana Export Processing Zone Senior Deputy Director Sujeewa Thilakumara, Ministry of Mahaweli Development and Environment, Environmental Pollution Control and Chemical Management Division Director S.M. Werahera, BPPL Holdings Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Anush Amarasinghe and Eco-Spindles (Pvt.) Ltd Deputy General Manager Manoj Udawatte, in the presence of other senior representatives from Eco-Spindles at a special ceremony held on the 8th of February, 2021.


Did you know: A typical Colombo household generates 3kg of PET waste every year. If disposed improperly, this waste will have an incredibly negative impact on the environment.

To take on this problem, HNB and IFS established collection bins across HNB’s school network in Colombo. We handle the recycling network, collecting and transporting the waste to our recycling plants and then convert it into valuable materials for products worldwide.

Our CEO, Dr. Amarasinghe, said that this campaign was for the purpose of “inculcating the habit of recycling amongst the younger generations, through numerous interactive awareness programmes”, creating a “substantial change in their mindset” and offering Sri Lanka a long term solution to plastic pollution.

One day, all PET bottles will be responsibly recycled. With initiatives such as this, we take one step closer to reaching this goal.

Eco Spindles partners with John Keells Group’s ‘Plasticcycle’, Walkers Tours and Road Development Authority

The convenience of plastic for packaging means a large amount of waste generated by people on the go. Sri Lanka’s highways are often littered with plastic discarded by commuters.

In July 2017, Plasticcycle was launched by the Social Entrepreneurship initiative of the John Keells Group with the vision of significantly reducing plastic pollution in Sri Lanka. We collaborated with Plasticcycle and the Road Development Authority to collect and recycle PET bottles from commuters on the Southern Expressway.

With the help of Plasticcycle, we placed 82 branded bins at key expressway exits to promote the responsible disposal of PET bottles. The Road Development Authority collects plastics from these bins, and we bring the collection to our recycling plants.

To date, this project has eliminated 5400 tons of plastic from polluting the Southern Expressway. With the success this project has seen, we hope to expand our collection network to all other major roadways in the near future.


In rural areas, poor disposal of plastic waste is an oft-ignored issue due to the remoteness of these communities. We took on this problem by partnering with Coca-Cola and are beginning to install 500, 25kg collection bins in 500 schools in the Central, Uwa, and North provinces of Sri Lanka.

650,000 students (and their families) now have access to these recycling bins, achieving an impact on waste that is rarely seen there. We went a step further by hosting training and education programs, teaching students the methods and importance of proper plastic disposal.

By providing all this, we teach our next generations how to live sustainably with an eye for waste reduction. We found that this effect had a wide reach, going as deep as local families who learn from what is taught to their children. The collection network supported by local authorities brings together both public and private sectors in a common goal of environmental protection.


Here at Eco Spindles, sustainability is a multi-layered solution to waste: We strive and succeed at multiple socially beneficial outcomes while producing our own high-quality recycled products. This holistic approach fosters a cooperative sustainability effort from the start (citizens) to the end (Eco Spindles) of a plastic product’s initial lifecycle.

In this initiative, we partnered with the Asia Foundation and Coca-Cola to establish plastic collection centers in 4 locations covering Biyagama, Galle, Batticaloa and Vavuniya. These centers provide jobs to local communities and educates them about the process and benefits of methodical and efficient recycling.

These collection centers form a focal point for our sustainability efforts and education. In time we hosted number of outreach and training events for nearby marginalized groups , with the ultimate goal being employment in our facilities. They not only learn the value of recycling – they live and earn it every day at their new jobs.

By bringing these men and women into the recycling economy, we hope their experience with sustainability can be further shared with the wider community. Providing the knowledge and tools to recycle correctly is invaluable and sets the foundation for a sustainable future.